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Educating kids at home is nearly impossible! [wtr-time]

During lockdown how difficult has it been to home educate your children? How are we going to get on? What you should realise is that one of the biggest concerns of Primary school teachers was the ‘loss of learning’ of their pupils during the Summer holiday. 6 weeks away from the classroom, in some case […]

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The Big Return to School [wtr-time]

So, it now looks as though schools will return in September. The Dfe website is full of advice about how this should happen and lists the new responsibilities which schools will have to assume. What a different start it be for parents, pupils, teachers and all the other people who make schools work. There will […]

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London calling to a faraway town teacher [wtr-time]

In the words of Cher Horowitz (Clueless reference, for all of you that haven’t watched this 90’s classic)… AS IF, it’s been a whole year since I moved to London. London has always held a special place in my heart. My sister has lived here for over a decade now, my first trip abroad with […]

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How to write reports (without dying) [wtr-time]

That dreaded ‘R’ word. In the same way that Covid-19 dominates every conversation these days, reports are infamous around this time of year for relentlessly weaselling their way into every teacher’s coffee break conversation. No one wants to mention them, yet one slip of the lip and the seagulls come flocking, each wanting to get their word […]

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Wellbeing and Really Reducing Teacher Workload [wtr-time]

Produced by Christalla Jamil, 11/08/2020 What prompted me to take action? I took on the headship of my previous school in the May 2013. A few weeks after we had an Ofsted monitoring visit resulting in a ‘requires improvement’ grade. Pressure was on to get to ‘good’ in a set framework of time. We achieved […]

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