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Are these the funniest stories about teaching? [wtr-time]

Yes, teaching is sick. Yes, teaching is broken. Yes, teaching is toxic. There is bitter truth in all of these statements. I’ve written about them, painfully and in depth. But while we’re bemoaning the mess that our profession finds itself in, it’s also worth reminding ourselves that teaching is joyful. Teaching is humbling. And teaching is also […]

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My working week…. [wtr-time]

Monday Our inquiry line is ringing constantly. We thought returning to school after lockdown would be difficult for many children with special educational needs and disabilities (Send), and we were right. The coronavirus rules mean that what they’re used to has changed. One child with autism won’t come out of his bedroom as he’s too […]

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Scotland’s National 5 exams to be cancelled next year [wtr-time]

Scottish National 5 exams will be cancelled next year and replaced with teacher assessments and coursework, Scotland’s education secretary has announced. John Swinney said going ahead with all senior school exams during the pandemic was “too big a risk”, adding that the decision meant schools could “build an exam diet for highers and advanced highers […]

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Paying for education? [wtr-time]

Phil Crompton former Headteacher, CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust and author of “In Search of My Alumni “suspects more and parents will be paying to educate their children over the next 10 years. In 2010 when I became the Headteacher at Rushcliffe School in West Bridgford on the edge of Nottingham I had a mission. […]

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Secret Teacher: I hated teaching – until I realised my school was the problem [wtr-time]

Not so long ago, I was ready to quit teaching. Now, I’ve got my sights on leadership. The difference is my headteacher. Under my previous head, I got the point where I couldn’t go on. I was signed off work with anxiety and stress. At school, we’d been under intense pressure to get more children […]

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Online Tutoring [wtr-time]

Many of the young people who have fallen behind in education during the pandemic come disproportionately from poorer homes, but the availability of discount online tuition may be significant in helping them catch up. Before lockdown closed the UK’s schools to the majority of pupils, tutoring was seen by many as a “nice-to-have” rather than […]

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Teacher Self Care Post Lockdown [wtr-time]

Michelle Obama affirmed, “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves at the top our own ‘to do’ lists.” When I became a teacher, the first thing people in other professions would say to me is, “You get long holidays!” As a newly qualified teacher, I quickly learned that statistics showed that “Almost one in […]

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What will schools do if children get coronavirus? [wtr-time]

As children begin the autumn term, schools are adopting measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But many parents still have questions. What if my child has a cough or cold? The NHS advises that if a child has mild cold-like symptoms they should continue to go to school. Sore throats and blocked or runny […]

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First Day Back Reflections [wtr-time]

First Day Back Reflections  Having spent a huge amount of time in school over the summer, I couldn’t wait for the first day of term to arrive. I felt that along with an amazing site and cleaning team, together we had literally conducted the deepest clean EVER and ensured all environments were the safest they […]

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Never underestimate the power of building positive relationships with your staff and students [wtr-time]

Now more than ever positive relationships matter most! As an educator for the past nineteen years, I’ve probably taught around a thousand students give or take. I have taught from Year Two to Year Six during my career. I’ve loved teaching the different ages because you see how much the students develop and improve in […]

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